Their conversation was honest and emotional, and Will went into it more in-depth during an episode of Red Table Talk.

Janet responded on her Facebook page, saying at the time, “There will never be a true reunion of Fresh Prince. I have no interest in seeing any of these people on that kind of level.” She was also more broadly critical of Alfonso and Will.

Irs so tucking FUNNY that Alfonso just cannot take Janet after all these years. He tipped on off the set so damn fast 😂

“Unfortunately I had to go shoot that day. All of the social media content and the photographs were taken without me,” he explained. “I literally did my own photo shoot on the couch so they could put me in the group photo. The actual special was filmed in one day, but all the other stuff was done on the other days.”

@GiveEmHellHagan Don’t assume, he was working and I wasn’t there. Let it go sweetie, we have.


News – Alfonso Ribeiro Cleared Up Why He Wasn’t On Set During The “Fresh Prince” Reunion With Janet Hubert