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The lap desk fits devices up to 15. 6″ inches and the cell phone slot can fit devices up to 5″ X 0.75″ inches.

Promising review: “We use these for eating in front of the TV, both at home and in our RV. I also use mine as a lap desk for my computer, both sitting in my recliner and lounging in bed. They’re big enough for a 15″ laptop, but for my 13″ they’re very roomy and quite ideal. I like the handy handle and the mouse pad. I love the fact that the pillow-like pads have an empty space down the middle so my legs don’t get hot. They’re light as a feather and seems like they will last a long, long time. Truly, you can’t go wrong with this multi-purpose lap desk.” —fauxqueen

The set includes two flip chains, one liquid motion timer, one peek-a-boo squeeze beans, three marble and mesh, six stretchy strings, three bead stress balls, six spiky balls, one snap-and-click snake, one basketball stress ball, one magic cube, and a storage bag.

Promising review: “Great product! It contains a lot of fun toys that I’ve never seen before and look pretty cool. It’s definitely worth the price. The toys are all in high quality and can help releasing pressure after a long work day.” —Lkl

Promising review: “Six months into the pandemic, I was tired of sitting all of the time. This standing desk converter was the perfect solution. Incredibly easy to assemble — just had to put the keyboard attachment in the grooves. It is very sturdy and easy to use. I move from sitting to standing at least four times a day now and feel much healthier. My back is no longer sore!” —Susan D.

Get it from Amazon for $149.99 (available in 28″, 32″, 35″, and 42″ and two colors).

Homesick has a scented candle for many countries, US territories, and all 50 US states with fragrances unique to each place. For example, their Alabama candle has notes of maple, blackberry, pecan, orange, caramel, vanilla, sugar and musk. Each candle burns for approximately 60—80 hours and is made from soy wax.

Promising review: “I love this candle SO MUCH! It literally reminds me of being on a lanai next to the beach sipping a Mai Tai with a big piece of pineapple on it. Its a tad bit smaller then regular candles but when I first lit this candle, I had it lit for a good six+ hours and it was like the wax never moved! I think its well worth the money, and will outlast most of my other candles. Eventually I’ll try the Massachusetts one because that’s where we live, but I like walking into my house and getting flashbacks of Hawaii better.” —Susan Gwozdz

Promising review: “I’ve been looking for a modern desk caddy for awhile, once I saw this one it was perfect for my office home. It has various space slots and the color is a plus!” —Audrey

Promising review: “I absolutely love this foot massager! I’m a nurse and surely can’t get to a spa to get my feet massaged every day but I don’t need to now! For the price of one massage I can now COME home every day after work and ease my knotted up feet and feel SO MUCH BETTER. If you are on the fence about buying don’t be, I assure this is an awesome product!” —Barb

Promising review: “I don’t eat over my laptop but somehow it picks up crumbs, dust, etc., during my daily use. Before finding this keyboard cover, I was regularly cleaning my keyboard with canned air. That, however, is a thing of the past. This keyboard cover fits perfectly, sticks so that I don’t have to shift it over the keys EVER, and most importantly keeps the keyboard clean. A quick swipe with a cleaning cloth is all it needs, if ever. Love it.” —BVES

Promising review: “I recently had back surgery. I’ve lost muscles in my legs from lack of use. I ordered this to begin gaining muscle back. Immediately felt the benefit. Several products are more expensive. This is perfect to use while watching TV. It easily folds out and back up. I’m thrilled I found this. I found out my son-in-law has this product under his desk at work.” —Buyer7

Promising review: “The clever redesign of this six-plug electric outlet is perfect for my use. I love that I am actually able plug in six items with adapters or large plugs. The arrangement of two plugs in each of three directions (front and two angled sides) helps to eliminate a cord jam in the front of the extended outlet; it is sensible — even brilliant! Why someone didn’t think of this sooner, I can’t imagine. Gone are the extension cords I had to use just to be able to plug in a couple of adapters in order to charge my cell, my pad, etc.; all of which gobble up two socket-spaces each.” —mj

Get it from Amazon from $7.28 (available in a one or two-pack, three colors, and with four, five, or six outlets with USB and surge options).

Promising review: “Sent one to everyone on my team. Everyone loved them. Nice heavy, good quality mugs.” —triciabunten1

The Rocketbook Fusion notebook includes dot grid, standard lined, calendar, and task list styled pages. The notebook comes with a microfiber cloth and pilot frixion pen.

Use your smart device to download the free Rocketbook app and upload to your preferred cloud service. It is is compatible with cloud services like Google drive, Dropbox, Evernote, box, OneNote, Slack, iCloud, email and more.

Promising review: “I swear this notebook has made going back to college so much easier. I don’t know what it is but when you find the right pen or notebook to take notes and it makes all the difference. Writing in this note book is so smooth and I love that I can erase my mistakes. It takes up in my purse. I am in online school so I finish a class sometimes in one month and fill and entire notebook up just to toss it in recycling. This is so much better for the environment and super affordable because the cute notebooks I liked were at least $7. Good find and Frixion pens rock!” —arthi sachdev

Promising review: “I love that in this box not only do you receive cloths to clean the lens but also a tiny screwdriver for adjusting. The glasses were very well packaged and the quality was superb! I usually do a lot of homework late at night (mostly in the dark so that my toddler doesn’t wake up) after being on the computer all day for work and would get headaches. After a few days of wearing them all day (literally) these things are a great purchase! Not to mention stylish:) Three pairs is a win-win for me!” —J. Guzman

Promising review: “Kids stuck at home in Zoom meetings for classes? Got more than one child, or you are working from home and so is your spouse? Need to be on two different ends of the house to avoid cross talk in meetings? Signal too weak to do that? That was my house. Added this device and the whole house has Wi-Fi now that is usable.” —Kindle Customer

Promising review: “I have had many different water bottles, but I absolutely love this one. I have dropped it, rolled it through my vehicle, threw it in my purse, left it lying on the bed, and it never ever has leaked!! Very easy to clean. No teeny tiny areas for mold or anything to grow. I love the wrist strap. Easy to carry this way when I have my hands full, but want to take along to stay hydrated. I really enjoy the markings of time to help make sure you are drinking enough water. Love, love, love!” —Gena Kay Eller

Promising review: “Love these! Had tow order three pairs. Softest, best quality satin PJs I’ve ever found. Better than Victoria’s Secret by far. I’ve worn them multiple times and they still look brand-new and feel so soft. The buttons are even covered in fabric adding a very fancy feel. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to feel like their fanciest self when going to bed.” —A SCOTT

Promising review: “This is my second one (lost one in a move) and I tell everyone about it lol. I’m the girl who sips on coffee throughout the day and this thing is perfect. I don’t have to microwave my coffee every 20 minutes anymore, which also gives your coffee a burned taste! It really does keep your coffee warm, and isn’t too hot to where I can’t drink it. I recommend placing your freshly poured cup right on the warmer if you want to keep it constantly warm.” —Brooke

Promising review: “I thought my girlfriend would hate the pattern on this, but love the warmth. I was wrong. She loved it. She loves having a blanket she can wear around the house because I keep it freezing in here. I’ve spent tons making her favorite spots in the house warm and comfortable. Toilet seat warmers, footsies, heated blankets, etc. This is her favorite now. This allows her to stay nice and cozy when she travels from one spot to another. She loved it so much (as does her cat) that I also bought my mom one as part of her birthday gift. As I expected, my mom loves it just as much.” —Mike C.

Promising review: “I originally got this with the intention of playing video games, but now that I work from home for extended periods of time, it’s proving to be the best office chair I’ve ever had. I have used several office chairs and the like over the years and this one is clearly the best. It’s sturdy, comfortable, and the use of cushions to support the lower back and neck is clearly the best way to design a chair. My older chairs would sometimes leave me sore in the back, but this one does not. Proof that this is a great chair for sitting in if you’re going to be using a computer or at a desk for multiple hours, no matter what activity you’re doing.” —Amazon Customer

Promising review: “THESE ARE THE BOMB! After receiving the gray ones with stars, I immediately purchased the blue ones with white stars. Softest sweats I have ever owned and I love that they have pockets. These are seriously like putting on a cozy hug — I’m not kidding! If I could wear these to work, I would. So soft and comfy!” —Heidi C

HelloFresh offers six customizable plans including Meat & Veggies, Veggie, Family Friendly, Calorie Smart, Quick & Easy, and Pescatarian. The subscription offers up to five meals for two to four people each. Each box comes with recipes and all ingredients needed to make the meal.

The care packages include an assortment of salty and sweet flavors, cookies, crackers, chips, popcorn, nuts and pretzels.

Promising review: “This is amazing. Filled with great snacks. Working from home, kids out of school, whatever the case may be, it’s so convenient. I love it. It was fresh and full with a lot of options!” —Sherry Hudson

Get it from Amazon from $18.98 (choose from four different options including Classic, Sweet & Salty, Ultimate Power, and Ultimate Snack care package).

Promising review: “I bought these headphones when I learned I was going to be working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. I knew I would need to focus and work while also in the same room as my kids for an extended period of time. I love that I can use the noise-cancelling option by itself, or while listening to music/my audio books. It is also perfect for my conference calls. I can focus on the call and not be distracted by what else is going on in my house, especially while my kids are doing all of their Zoom calls for school and gymnastics workouts. These headphones have been perfect for this crazy situation and I plan to continue to use them at the office (where I work in a “cube farm”) to help keep me focused. They are comfortable to wear and fit well.” —Kristen M Williams

The tripod extends from 17.5″ to 51″. The cell phone stand is adjustable extends up to 3.6″ wide and is compatible with most brands. The lights are rechargeable and comes with a USB charger.

Promising review: “Lets face it, most of us have horrible lighting in the areas around our computers: shadows, glare, sunspots, etc. With more and more business being done virtually these days (I manage a regional sales team for a pharma company), it’s important to look your best and be seen in your best light (pun intended). This light is perfect. It is small enough to be unobtrusive, USB-powered, has a small tripod stand that fits well on a desk (I have mine positioned directly behind my iMac / MacBook). The adjustable colors are fantastic (I like the warm tone best) and the brightness adjustment allows you to get a very natural look.” —bkm425

The pitcher is leak-proof and made from BPA-free titan that is stain, cloud, and odor proof.

Promising review: “This little filter is great. It makes the perfect amount of cold brew for a week for me. I usually steep for anywhere between 12-24 hours depending on how strong I want it to be. Grind your beans coarse and fill with filtered water and toss it in the fridge, can’t be any simpler. I used to always drop $3-$4 a day on iced coffee or the VSC cold brew from Starbucks, so I can’t imagine how much money this has saved me.” —Jacob S.

Promising review: “Recently I’ve been obsessed with matcha latte and golden milk but I couldn’t get the powder to dissolve properly without clumping up into unsightly balls. Enter this whisk/frother product. Now I can whip up my drink with all kind of powder and monk fruit sweetener without any problem. there’s always a head of foam on the drink surface just like at Starbucks. It’s so easy to clean. I just place it under running water and voila. Done!!” —Coconut

Promising Review: “Elegant looking diffuser with a superior atomizer. Spreads the aroma of my essential oils much more effectively than the other diffusers I own. Holds more water than many on the market. Ability to dim the variety of colors available is very handy when I want to go to sleep.” —Ken

The trash can also has a manual open/close button, is fingerprint-resistant, and requires two AA batteries (not included). You can also purchase a two-year warranty.

Promising review: “I originally got one of these in pink for my bathroom, then liked it so much I bought another one in yellow for my bedroom! They’re a great size for either room, or for under a cubicle desk. I especially like having one in the bathroom, so I don’t have to touch the lid at all while throwing baby wipes or menstrual products away.” —Katherine

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