tayshia when she sees matt james season takes place at buckingham palace instead of la quinta motel #TheBachelor

“seriously guys, what the fuck. only 15 of you showed up to the party with Kappa Sig on Friday. we looked like a fucking joke. what’s the point of even having mixers if you don’t go? should I just cancel the rest of the semester?”-your enraged sorority social #TheBachelor

when matt gave abigail the first impression rose & she said “i’m so happy he sees potential in me” #TheBachelor

You’re telling me that we DIDN’T have a major meltdown with two girls in the same dress? I feel CHEATED


Matt when the producers told him he has to keep Victoria around for a few weeks #thebachelor

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/caseyrackham/the-bachelor-premiere-tweets-week-1-matt-james

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