23 More Actors Who Were So Good At Playing Villains That Now People Hate Their Faces

Raise your hand if Elaine Hendrix will always be Meredith from The Parent Trap to you.

Be warned, there are a few big spoilers ahead, particularly for Big Little Lies and Sharp Objects!

“He’s literally always the villain, you just know when he shows up, it can’t be good. His best villain was William Tavington in The Patriot. Absolutely savage.”

“Pretty much every major villain from GOT could be here. Lena Headey? I actively rooted for her death in The Purge because Cersei was awful. I also refuse to trust Aidan Gillen in ANY media whatsoever because of Baelish.”

“I have to put Javier Bardem in this. He is absolutely diabolical in No Country for Old Men. He has so little care for human life that he makes a game of it basing killing on the toss of a coin. And the fact that the only thing he cares about afterwards is whether his shoes have gotten dirty. He was so good in Skyfall that I just despised him. When I think of a villain, he’s one of the first people that come to mind.”

“This is a real phenomenon because I have never forgiven Bradley Cooper for his role in Wedding Crashers, he was the absolute worst! I’ve never been able to enjoy him in anything else.”

“She is an amazing actor, without a doubt, but she is always gonna be the one who killed Sirius Black. I really can’t watch her without thinking that.”

“Every time I see him, I feel uncomfortable and I know he’s nothing like his character, but I wanted Joffrey to die so much! Let’s not forget that he’s an actor who had people cheer, clap, and scream with joy when playing a teenage boy who died a pretty gruesome death in his mother’s arms…”

[Editor’s note: I will forever hear him creepily saying the name “Grace” in that accent of his!]

“She is also really awful in The Leftovers. She may just be someone who plays evil too well!”

“Jon Bernthal will never be anyone but the despicable Shane Walsh from The Walking Dead to me. I love Marvel, but I can’t watch The Punisher because every time I see his face I just want to punch him in the throat.”

“Denzel Washington played Alonzo Harris so well that I hated him for a minute lol. It took me a while to be able to watch another Denzel movie, I had never seen him play such an evil character and he was so believable that it totally freaked me out.”

“Andrew Scott’s portrayal of Jim Moriarty in Sherlock was BRILLIANT! His ability to turn on a dime from cool and calculated to charmingly quirky to raging and murderous always gives me the chills!”

“I think Divergent ruined Kate Winslet for me. Jeanine was such an awful person, like, she honestly made me think Thanos was chill.”

“After watching Fleabag, I had to watch so many Olivia Colman interviews to remind myself she’s not a prick in real life. Even now, when I see her I get a little mad.”

“Every time I see her, I wanna throw my shoe at her. It was very satisfying to see her character die in Jurassic World, it felt like revenge for all the bad stuff Morgana had done.”

“I can’t look at Giancarlo Esposito without thinking of all the horrible things Gus Fring did in Breaking Bad, no one else could’ve played this character like him.”

“I really liked him before that, but now I can’t even look at him. He was so physically abusive and manipulative toward his wife (Nicole Kidman) that I would almost shudder when he came on screen. It’s a testament to his acting ability.”

“I remember when Beth was dying in Little Women it was sad, but for some reason part of me was just like, ‘Good, I don’t trust her.’ I hadn’t realized she was the same actor for Amma in Sharp Objects, but after I realized, it made so much sense.”

“I HATE what Theon Greyjoy did to the Starks and to Robb. People who betray friends are the worst. It doesn’t matter what Ramsay Bolton did to him, he didn’t pay enough for what he did. And every time I see Alfie Allen, my hate comes back.”

In Oz, he came across as so mundane, but he was the most vile, evil Nazi bastard ever. He really screwed me up and when I see him in films or on the insurance commercials I’m like, ‘Nope! That’s Vern Schillinger.'”

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/andyneuenschwander/more-actors-who-played-great-villains

News – 23 More Actors Who Were So Good At Playing Villains That Now People Hate Their Faces