“Aardman had no business making a cartoon so hot! My lust for Steve is well documented, and he definitely deserves a spot on this list. The man is smart, ambitious, and he clearly works out. The tight skin fade and little Christmas goatee are the cherry on top of one suave and sexy cake!”

“If I wasn’t willing to die for Aubrey Plaza before, I sure as hell am now (jk I was always willing, obviously).

“I am a gay man (who crushes hard on Dan Levy) but I think that character might be the first time I’ve ever been attracted to a woman.”

“Your man from Miracle on 34th Street was sooo hot. I think it was his sensational collection of coats.”

“Yeah so I came for Vanessa Hudgens in a cute little baking-themed Holiday rom-com, and I stayed for her gorgeous love interest, Kevin. My God, he is one seriously distracting DILF. I could watch him flex his eyebrows all day…”

“She makes comfy clothes look so good, and the snark and the attitude do it for me. Plus it is Rachel McAdams 😆.”

“Let’s not pretend for two seconds that when everyone was ten years old, we were all enamoured with Bernard.”

“Bernard … was my first love. It’s just something about that irate Queens accent. Even now I’ll watch The Santa Clause 2 just for him! (I feel less creepy about lusting over him in the second movie because he was in his early 20s by that point).”

“That scene where he and Mary are sharing the telephone just makes me think my TV is going to burst into flame. Plus (spoilers?) he puts people before profit, even if it slightly ruins things for himself. But it all comes out okay in the end!”

“Karl was the perfect guy! He had a good and stable job – which is a reassuring foundation for any partnership – and he was also super kind, understanding, and patient (he waited over two years for Sarah to show she was emotionally ready for him!). And, um, I guess I should mention that his body was basically sculpted by the heavens above!”

“There’s just something about how endearingly naive he is, his beautiful accent, and his amazing chemistry with Vanessa! Plus he’s insanely cute! I couldn’t take my eyes off his hair and his gorgeous eyes.”

“He was well dressed, had a great personality, and was caring. He also was super charming!”

“Hot ghost from “Hot Ghost Christmas”. It’s actually called The Spirit of Christmas, but I legit just refer to it as Hot Ghost Christmas. Thomas Beaudoin [is] beautiful. He is the only Christmas movie actor I’ve ever followed on Insta.”

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/sam_cleal/hot-christmas-movie-characters

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