Some one just said millennials love charcuterie boards and mimosas ‘cause we grew up on Lunchables and Sunny D

…and like they ain’t wrong

millennials love to talk in worried tones about the evils of facebook and how its poisoning their parents’ brains and then spend 3 hours a day on instagram

Millennials love therapy because an authority figure taking a superficial, aloof interest in them while hiding their resentful contempt is the defining feature of being raised by boomers

Millennials love bringing up zoomers eating tide pods like they weren’t sucking whippits in 2007 while watching jackass

millennials love books because we grew up watching Beauty and the Beast, in which a woman is willing to do anything to get her hands on a library—even marry a literal bull-moose-man.

millennials love posting 90s nostalgia with captions like “THESE 😍😍😍” and it’s literally some plastic trash that lights up and honestly yeah it ruled and i miss it too

Millennials love to say “I deserve a little treat once in awhile” and go buy themselves a coffee.

Millennials love the Sims because it is THE millennial game:

• pretend you can buy a house
• pretend you can afford furniture
• pretend you can choose a career
• pretend your career skill is rewarded
• pretend your hobbies make money
• pretend your needs are met

Millennials love to ask for a recommendation and end it with “aaaannd go” like everyone is lined up in a race to google something for them. #Millennials

Millennials love to hype up a hipster/punk donut shop and it’ll turn out to just be normal donuts but with, like, fruit loops on top

millennials love saying “so i did a thing😌” girl go re read harry potter and shut up

You know what millennials love? The chaotic geopolitics and crumbling global economy they’ve inherited. Also, Arthur. They love Arthur

millennials love picking a movie they watched once as a kid that has a 20% on Rotten Tomatoes and then making it their entire personality


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