Canadians are deeply disturbed and saddened by the attack on democracy in the United States, our closest ally and neighbour. Violence will never succeed in overruling the will of the people. Democracy in the US must be upheld – and it will be.

Disgraceful scenes in U.S. Congress. The United States stands for democracy around the world and it is now vital that there should be a peaceful and orderly transfer of power.

I am following what is happening in #Washington with great concern. Violence is incompatible with the exercise of democratic rights and freedoms. I am confident in the strength and robustness of the institutions of the United States.

Deeply worrying developments in Washington, D.C. This is an assault on democracy. President Trump and several members of Congress bear substantial responsibility for developments. The democratic election process must be respected.

Very distressing scenes at the US Congress. We condemn these acts of violence and look forward to a peaceful transfer of Government to the newly elected administration in the great American democratic tradition.

Like so many others, I’ve been watching what’s happening in the United States. I share the sentiment of friends in the US – what is happening is wrong.

The scenes from the US Capitol show how dangerous the rhetoric of hatred is. Contempt for democratic institutions erodes citizens’ rights and can undermine political order. I trust the democratic and peaceful process will be restored soon.

I am following with concern the news that are coming from Capitol Hill in Washington. I trust in the strength of America’s democracy.
The new Presidency of @JoeBiden will overcome this time of tension, uniting the American people.

The Bolivarian Government of Venezuela has condemned the acts of violence that took place today in Washington D.C. and reminds that U.S. foreign policy consistently promotes these policies of aggression against legitimate democratic process worldwide.

Manifestamos nuestro repudio a los graves hechos de violencia y el atropello al Congreso ocurridos hoy en Washington DC. Confiamos en que habrá una transición pacífica que respete la voluntad popular y expresamos nuestro más firme respaldo al Presidente electo @JoeBiden.

“We condemn the serious acts of violence and the affront to Congress that occurred today in Washington, DC. We trust that there will be a peaceful transition that respects the popular will and we express our strongest support for the President-elect Joe Biden.”

Manifestamos nuestro más profundo rechazo ante los hechos de violencia ocurridos en el día de hoy en Congreso de los Estados Unidos, confiando en que los valores democráticos de esa nación prevalecerán frente a cualquier intento de menoscabar sus instituciones.

“We express our deepest rejection of the acts of violence that occurred today in the United States Congress, trusting that the democratic values of that nation will prevail against any attempt to undermine its institutions.”

Chile rechaza las acciones destinadas a alterar proceso democrático en EEUU y condena la violencia e indebida interferencia con las instituciones constitucionales

Chile confía en la solidez de la democracia estadounidense para garantizar el imperio de la ley y estado de derecho.

“Chile rejects actions aimed at altering the democratic process in the United States and condemns violence and undue interference with constitutional institutions

An attack on Capitol Hill is an attack on democracy. We are witnessing disturbing scenes of violence in Washington DC. Liberty, democracy and decency must be respected.

Extremely troubled by the violence and horrible events taking place in Washington D.C. American democracy is resilient, deeply rooted and will overcome this crisis.

Shock and disbelief at ongoing events at the US Capitol, symbol of American democracy.

We trust the strong institutions of the United States will overcome this challenging moment. Full support to President-elect @joebiden.


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