“I think this is the best scene from the show. When Angela pulls her cats out of the filing cabinet and throws them through the ceiling…I just can’t. I’m laughing while typing this.”

“I am in stitches every single time I watch this scene because both she and David think they’re about to go to jail. I also love the part with Patrick and Moira’s scone.”

“The funniest part is when he’s doing the jigsaw puzzle but most of the pieces are just cardboard-side up!”

“Look, I’m not normally into this type of humor at all, but the delivery of the random woman in the elevator gets me every time. It’s the exact opposite of what you think is going to happen, and that’s why it works so well. All of Season 2 is perfection.”

“Carlton tried to prank Will, so Will turned the tables and made it seem like Lisa died during the prank. Carlton’s freakout when he ran around the set gets me every time, especially when he crawls on the kitchen floor.”

“Clair’s reaction to Vanessa going to Maryland to see the Wretched is absolutely hilarious. The ~big fun~ lines get me every time.”

“They were just trying to give away turkeys for Thanksgiving. You see nothing (you only hear it), but it is hilarious!”

“If I was forced to choose just one scene from the show, I’d have to go with this one. Total gold.”

“This is the funniest scene ever. No matter how many times I see it, it’s still hilarious.”

“I love when they all pile in the car, and as they drive away, you can see Jerry on the roof.”

“Bill Hader is the only actor who’s actually FUNNIER when he’s breaking character. It’s all just too good.”

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/spenceralthouse/funniest-tv-scenes-ever

News – 17 TV Scenes That Are So Funny, They May Be The Best Ever