17 TV Kisses People Still Think About To This Very Day

“It was so wholesome and full of love after all the yearning. You could see how badly they wanted to kiss each other. That scene made me swoon. The most beautiful kiss on TV, I think.”

“Even if we all don’t like Fitz and Olivia, there’s no denying that they had amazing chemistry. Their private session in White House during the christening was so hot. They were both angry at each other and that anger translated into great sexual chemistry.”

“It was raw with sexual energy, especially when Castle pressed Beckett against the door as they were kissing.”

“It’s such an underrated show, and their first kiss had so much passion that was built up for three freaking seasons! It was a truly iconic moment we were all waiting for.”

“Their first kiss is so magical. They stayed playful even though they both knew they just did something that would royally fork things up.”

“It was PERFECT! The music, the spin, the looks on their faces, my goodness it was FIRE!”

“They weren’t a couple, but Joey kissing Phoebe on her birthday so she could check it off her list was so sweet and sexy that I almost forgot what a dog he was with other women. Plus, he’s 1/16th Portuguese, so it was two things. How efficient!”

“I love the way that Sarah initiated it, thinking that they were going to die and wanted to kiss Chuck before they did, and how Chuck was so shocked when she made that move. Plus, the aftermath of them not blowing up and dealing with what just happened was hilarious.”

“It’s not really sexy or anything, but I love the storyline. Nathan couldn’t feel anything (literally), but when Audrey gave him the kiss on the cheek, he realized he could feel her — and her kiss — for the first time. I loved their chemistry going forward after that.”

“The kiss made me scream because I was so happy! Seasons of buildup of deathbed kisses or doppelgänger kisses, to finally come to that! So exciting!”

“It was so fantastic to see Emma finally start to knock down her walls a little, and for Killian to realize that he really did have another chance at love.”

“Every detail of that scene is perfect, and the song fits so incredibly well! Nothing beats Alicia and Will’s chemistry.”

“You’re expecting something to happen, and then it looks like it won’t happen, and then it does. I get goosebumps every time!”

“The buildup and anticipation was incredible. I was in a state of wondering whether anything would happen at all and then, THAT. Bam.”

“It was Nick and Jess’s first kiss and by far one of the greatest kisses on film. Everything about it was perfect right down to the little double pecks at the end.”

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/shelbyheinrich/best-tv-kisses-flipped

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