Have we settled on a term for all our new mask-related acne yet? Maskne? Macne? Covimples?

Forehead pimples are especially upsetting nowadays because I can’t even use the good ol’ “maskne” excuse.

Me seeing people with perfect skin get mascne and finally understand the curse that is adult acne

me: ugh this acne is definitely from wearing my mask

also me: twizzlers for breakfast? don’t mind if I do

can someone make a single use mask infused with skincare and salicylic acid so you can treat your maskne and wear a mask all at the same time, thx

yesterday I sent my 14 year old sister a picture of my face and mentioned my mask acne and she really had the audacity to send a close up of her clear skin and caption it “can’t relate! ✨🤩”

Everyone’s talking about maskne but no one is talking about how great wearing a mask is if you have super dry skin, I’m gonna find one that covers my forehead next

in the age of maskne i think it is VITAL that we make acne a fuckable trait

Me getting exactly the same hormonal spots I’ve had once a month for the past 2 years: it’s my damn mascne!

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/daniellaemanuel/tweets-about-maskne

News – 16 Tweets About “Maskne” Because It’s Just Another Horror We Must Deal With In 2020