“They all drank way too much, complained there wasn’t enough food, and whined that they didn’t get a gift like everyone else even though I offered for them to take a bottle of wine home instead. The real cherry on top was that she insisted I either let them crash at my place OR pay for the Uber home since I was the hostess and it was my job to make sure people get home safely!”

“I told him it was an amazing gift and asked if I could have it. He said ‘yes’ and I used it all the time. But it was a hilarious reminder that it wasn’t actually my present every time I looked at the inscription.”

“When they were pulled away they threw a huge tantrum, including kicking the workers and trying to break the things they had unwrapped. Their mother refused to apologize saying, ‘What did you expect, having presents out for children to open?’ Her kids were 8 and 10.”

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/mikespohr/16-horror-stories-about-overly-entitled-spoiled-or-just

News – 16 Horror Stories About Overly Entitled, Spoiled, Or Just Plain Unlikable People At Christmas