“Ellen was basically slut-shaming her. Taylor legit almost started crying and Ellen was cackling like an old witch! It is so upsetting!”

“Ellen made Mariah Carey visibly uncomfortable when she asked Mariah why she didn’t want champagne. No one knows what a person might be struggling with, be that pregnancy, fertility issues, miscarriage, or even alcoholism.”

“She handles it so well despite how uncomfortable she obviously felt. The way he treated her was criminal.”

“You could see she was holding back all her anger. But being made fun of for something when you’re trying to move forward in life was so uncalled for.”

“She was able to steer the convo slightly, but Matt just wouldn’t let go of the topic. It was so cringe and uncomfortable.”

“They began by getting her name wrong. Later, when she gave a dry response, they told her she should take a nap and drink a Red Bull, then continued to mock her even after the interview was over and she was gone.”

“Megyn had no right to ask her about that. We all know she had surgeries, but who the fuck cares? It’s her body. Jane was there to promote a movie and not discuss her personal choices.”

“Conan O’Brien has made so many women on his show visually uncomfortable. Even though they both play it off like a joke, it was so inappropriate.”

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/ajanibazile/inappropriate-interviews-famous-women

News – 15 Times People Interviewed Famous Women And Were Completely Out Of Line