Which song has to go?

Which store has to go?

Hot Topic

Spencer Gifts

Which Disney Channel show has to go?

Which of these online games has to go?


Club Penguin

Which of these one-hit wonder dance craze songs has to go?

Which MTV series has to go?

True Life

My Super Sweet 16

Which musical has to go?

Which trend has to go?

Bootcut distressed jeans

Graphic tees

Which Gwen Stefani and Eve duet has to go?

Which teen drama has to go?

The O.C.

Gossip Girl

Which fantasy animated movie has to go?

And lastly, what popular T-shirt trend has to go?

Vote for Pedro T-shirts

Jesus is My Homeboy T-shirts

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/briangalindo/00s-millennials-one-has-to-go-poll

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